We are right on the sea-front

How to reach Hotel Atlantic in Pesaro

Hotel Atlantic is located on Viale Trieste, the only road to cross, to reach the beach.

Hotel Atlantic is extremely easy to reach:

  • from Autostrada Adriatica A14, take the Pesaro Urbino exit and then take Strada del Montefeltro towards the sea, turn right into Strada Statale Adriatica SS16. Continue straight on, into Viale Fiume, then turn left in Viale Trieste and you have reached your destination. The sea front road is closed to vehicular traffic from 24.00 to 00.00 on Sundays and from 20.00 to 07.30 from Mondays to Saturdays. You can leave or reach the hotel by car at any time using the Hotel Atlantic pass.

At Hotel Atlantic everything is close by. Look at the map … here you are at the centre of everything!

1. East Pier
The best place in Pesaro to see the sunset? Only 10 minutes on foot from Hotel Atlantic. Every summer, locals and tourists alike gather on the East Pier to watch the sun disappear behind the blue-green line of the horizon. A word of advice: go there for an aperitif.

2. Inflatable Games
Mountains to climb, trampolines for mid-air acrobatics, a pool with coloured balls to dive into … Gigilandia is a magical place for all children, right on the beach … the ideal place for a swim in the sea before returning to the hotel. 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.

3. Fish Market
Step back in time and visit the Pesaro Fish Market. Here you can still breathe the atmosphere of the past and you can immerse yourself in a life of other times, with some of the oldest crafts still in vogue such as that of the Vongolari. The fish market is open every morning except on Sundays.

4. Free Beach
Do you love free beaches? Hotel Atlantic is only 2 minutes on foot from one! On request we will supply a sun umbrella … and if you wish, also the instructions to prevent it from flying away in case of wind 🙂

5. Bagni Gastone & Marta
The beach facility that we have an agreement with, is right in front of the hotel. How long does it take to reach the golden sand? Only … oh, look, you’re already there!

6. Shuttle Bus Stop
Hotel Atlantic is very well connected to Pesaro historical city centre and the railway station. In front of the Hotel there are the stops for the free shuttle bus to the centre and the public transport bus service.

7. Children’s Games
Pesaro is ideal for families with children. There are many play areas for children along Viale Trieste.
In front of the hotel there is a small playground with swings and there is a roller-skating rink a short distance away.

8. Bicipolitana
If you like cycling, in front of the hotel runs itinerary n.2 of the Pesaro Bicipolitana. Yes, in Pesaro we have a Bicipolitana (Cycling Route)! We definitely are the “City of Bicycles”!

9. Pharmacy
Do you need a pharmacy?
The Farmacia Comunale Zona Mare is very close by and is very well stocked. It is only 3 minutes away on foot.

10. The Ball by Pomodoro
A real symbol of the city of Pesaro, only 10 minutes on foot from Hotel Atlantic. Fun fact: we from Pesaro call it “the Ball by Pomodoro”, but the real name of the artwork, – which is a copy of the original found in Rome – is “Sfera Grande” (Large Sphere)!

11. Parco Molaroni
Highly appreciated by families with children and by those seeking a little tranquillity, the park is part of the property of Villa Molaroni – an Art Nuoveau-style villa which used to belong to the family who owned the historical ceramics factory of the same name. Today the villa contains the Washington Patrignani Maritime Museum. The park and villa is only 5 minutes away on foot.

12. Mini Market
Have you forgotten something you cannot do without? Must you buy something for the beach? 5 minutes on foot from Hotel Atlantic is the nearest mini market.

13. Parco San Bartolo 
If you wish to experience Pesaro like a real local, include a visit to the “Parco Regionale Naturale Monte San Bartolo”. An easy access tarred road for cars, motorcycles and bicycles runs right through the park. The road has many areas that overlook the sea and countryside, and leads from one ancient village to another, villages like Fiorenzuola di Focara, Casteldimezzo and Santa Marina, ending in Gabicce Mare. In spring, when the brooms are flowering and the days are clear, this is the ideal place for a picnic.

If you love hiking and mountain biking, the park offers various historical-nature trails. The entrance to the park on the Pesaro side is only 5 minutes by car from the hotel.

14. Lido Luciano Pavarotti
The Baia Flaminia coast has been named “Lido Luciano Pavarotti”. Pavarotti loved Pesaro and his music reached the beach from his large villa in the park, carried by the wind. Reach Baia Flaminia in 8 minutes by car.