Lele’s cooking

served in the panoramic restaurant

For chef Lele preparing food has always been more than just a need or a job. It is an opportunity. An opportunity to create and share new flavours with those who are sitting in the Hotel Atlantic dining hall with a view of the sea. The menu changes every day, a balance between the tradition of Romagna and that of Marche. Every day Samuele seeks new, healthy and tasty inspiration.

It all starts from a research into quality: very fresh fish straight from the fishing boats in Pesaro, meat from local stock farms, fruits and vegetables from the area. This is completed by years of experience and a love for good food. Prepare your palate for gourmet recipes and a genuine taste experience.

End off lunch and dinner with something sweet: there is always a buffet table with cakes and desserts. Top quality pastries will tickle your tastebuds.